Sleep Solutions

Get a better night’s sleep with a prescription mattress.

Sleep solutions is a custom prescription mattress service designed to deliver a better sleep to those suffering chronic pain and other ailments that make getting a good night’s sleep impossible.

Sleep Solutions is a service jointly offered by Integrated Health and Health Innovations exclusive to the Narre Warren Clinic.

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Sleep Solutions

Health Innovations Australia is an Australian-owned company of health specialists that specialises in delivering scientifically designed products designed to work with your condition or injury. Integrated Health is one of Health Innovations Australia’s strategic partners, and uses our Narre Warren clinic to deliver Sleep Solutions.

The mattress and pillow range is designed from the highest quality materials and rival industry leading brands. The range currently comes in Gentle Support, Medium Support and Firm Support.
Not only are they incredibly comfortable to sleep on, they’re tailor-made to the specifications of the patient’s prescription. This results in not only a better sleep, but a healthier sleep.

Sleeping on a bad mattress, especially one that doesn’t cater for your existing injury or condition, can cause sleeplessness, aches, pains and intensify your existing injury/condition.
Sufferers of chronic back pain will only make the problem worse by sleeping on a mattress that offers inadequate lumbar support.

Remember: its not about the amount of sleep you get, but the quality of sleep you get.

  • How do I get a Health Innovations Mattress?

    Book an assessment with our Sleep Solutions assessment staff. They will take you through the prescription process and assess your sleep profile as well as individual needs and preferences.

    Once you’ve been assessed, your prescription mattress is then made around your sleep profile using the highest quality materials.

  • Pricing

    Due to the uniqueness of each of the mattresses we create, we cannot give a price list or estimate because it would simply be not be realistic in all circumstances.

    If you want a rough price estimate, call our receptionist at the Narre Warren Integrated Health clinic and ask if they can make up a rough estimate.

  • How to book an appointment

    If you want to book an appointment to get a mattress fitted to your needs, call the Integrated Health Narre Warren clinic and organise an assessment with our receptionist.

    If you’re a sufferer of chronic pain of any sort, especially the kind that impacts a good night’s sleep, seeing one of our physiotherapists is the better first step to take, as there might be better alternatives to getting a prescription mattress.

Benefits & Treatments

  • Better manage your injury or condition
  • Get a better quality sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Wake up more relaxed and pain free
  • Help alleviate the symptoms of chronic neck and back pain

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