Our passion is the management and prevention of muskuloskeletal injuries in the workplace. Integrated Health Corporate is a specialised workplace division within Integrated Health dedicated to the management and prevention of workplace related musculoskeletal injuries. We understand the impact that workplace injuries, including muscle sprains and strains, have on the bottom line of your business, and we aim to mitigate the effect and occurence of such problems. Through our programs, seminars and assessments, we work alongside our clients to educate their workers on the importance of taking care of their bodies own in the work place. We offer tailor-made programs for each of our clients. We’ll come to your premises, work around your busy timeframe, and devise a program that fits in well with your business and its employees.

Why do you need corporate physiotherapy?

Injured employees cannot work, or won’t work as efficiently as they should. Ensuring your workers are safe to work within your workplace is common sense; it’s better for employee morale and cuts any unnecessary costs that might come from injury-related causes. With an Integrated Health corporate physiotherapist, program or seminar, you’ve taken a proactive approach to minimising workplace injury.

  • Make your workplace safer
  • Assess and manage risks associated with work-related tasks
  • Save on unnecessary Workcover claims
  • InjuryWise


    On-site Physiotherapy Services

    InjuryWise is our onsite physiotherapy program and aims to minimise the effect that onsite injuries can have on your workers and your business. When sprains and muscle strains are treated early by one of our onsite corporate physiotherapists, there is a reduced chance of the injury progressing to a costly, potentially long-term, work-cover claim. This is better for the wellbeing of your employees and the flow of your business. If you’re interested in our InjuryWise program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • BodyWise


    Manual Handling & Injury Prevention Training

    BodyWise is our manual handling and injury prevention training service. An Integrated Health corporate physiotherapist will observe all manual handling tasks that take place in your workplace and determine the safest way for those tasks to be carried out. Training in principles of manual handling and key safe job-specific behaviours increases employee awareness of their posture, and how they move throughout the day. Using incorrect methods of manual handling over long periods of time can lead to lifelong problems such as recurring aches and pains, chronic pain, bad posture and much more. Poorly managing the body can also make ageing much more strenuous on the body. If you’re interested in our BodyWise educational program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • OfficeWise


    Office Ergonomics Training

    Poor workstation setup can predispose computer users to neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, shoulder pain and other overuse type injuries. Our OfficeWise program is designed to optimise the ‘fit’ between computer users and their workstations. Improving their ‘fit’ will reduce strain on the body and decreases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Our corporate physiotherapists and ergonomists will fully assess your worker’s workspaces and the way they interact with them to find and correct any injury-prone behaviour. If you’re interested in our OfficeWise program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • LiveWise


    Healthy Lifestyle Training

    Our LiveWise program is a series of wellbeing seminars that addresses the importance of your employees maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Employees with poor overall health can take up to 9 times more sick leave than their healthier colleagues. Not only is it good practice to lead a healthy life, it’s also good for your business that your employees do the same. We cater a LiveWise seminar to the needs of your business; that means the program is delivered at your location, at a time that suits you best. The program is completely tailor-made and features expert physiotherapists, exercise scientists, doctors and dietitians. If you’re interested in our LiveWise program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • MoveWise

    Workplace Boot camps. Exercise and Training On-site

    If your workers aren’t getting enough exercise in their lives outside of work, that will show in their performance at work. Low-performing workers are costing you money by not being as quick and as efficient as they should be. How much is it costing you to have low-performing workers? MoveWise is our workplace ‘boot camps’ program designed to help remedy this problem by getting your workers adequate exercise within the workplace. Our program is flexible; we conduct our MoveWise boot camps at your workplace, usually 3 times a week at your convenience. If you’re interested in our MoveWise program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  • StretchWise


    On-site Training on How to Stretch to Prevent Injury

    Your workers are industrial athletes; they work, move, push, lift, pull and twist all day. They need to look after their bodies, otherwise they risk injuring themselves on the job, which can put a hold over your business while things are sorted for your employee. Our StretchWise program is designed to increase your employee’s awareness of their bodies, as well as how and what they need to do to maintain them. StretchWise will teach your employees some simple stretches they can do throughout the day to minimise injury. It is in your best interest to maintain your employees physical activity and awareness, as if they’re unable to work, or hurt themselves on-site, you’re business takes the hit. If you’re interested in our StretchWise program, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Pre-employment Functional Assessment

A pre-employment functional assessment is an assessment of one’s capability to adequately perform job specific roles. The assessment is designed to answer the following question:

“Does the worker physically fit the job?”

By assessing workers prior to you employing them, you can determine whether or not they’re fit for the job. Doing reduces injuries as those that are not fit for the job, cannot take up the job. The last thing you want to do is hire an injury-prone liability. Integrated Health tailor-makes its assessments to the specific nature of the job-role, and are happy to work with the employer until they are satisfied with our assessment criteria.

Why you should assess future employees:

  • Hire Appropriate Workers

    You’re able to identify those that are going to be valuable assets to your business, and those that are going to become injury-prone liabilities.

  • Test Worker Reliability

    The last thing you want is to hire a worker that isn’t going to be reliable. Get some insight into whether or not a worker will work the way your business requires.

  • Identify Risk

    Identification of areas in which an employee may be lacking in, and devising a management plan consisting of risk management practices – should you wish to employ.

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