Onsite Physiotherapy

When sprains and strains are treated early by an Onsite Physiotherapist there is a reduced chance of the injury progressing to a costly and potentially long term Workcover claim.

According to WorkSafe data for the period 2011/2012 musculoskeletal injury claims accounted for 53% of all claims. Of all claims 64% were for those over the age of 40 and 52% were for those over the age of 45 (source: Worksafe Victoria Statistical Summary 2011/2012).

Onsite Physiotherapy is our core service offering targeted at reducing the cost of work related musculoskeletal injuries. Many long term injuries develop due to an absence of early intervention or ineffective early intervention. This is why Integrated Health Corporate promotes rapid reporting of aches and pains to minimise the number of cases which develop in to more serious injuries.

Our Onsite Physiotherapy program focuses on the following:

The Benefits

The following benefits can be expected from our Onsite Physiotherapy program: