Workplace Stretching Programs

It is not only AFL footballers and world-class athletes who need to stretch. Your workers are industrial athletes! They walk, lift, move, push, pull, twist and stretch during the working day… so they need to look after their bodies as well.

Stretching at work can help to keep muscles warm, joints mobile and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. When workers have been standing in one position for a prolonged period and then go to perform a manual task they are at increased risk of sustaining a sprain or strain. Performing the same task repetitively can also lead to fatigue of tendons and muscles and predispose workers to postural and overuse type injuries. StretchWise teaches your workers simple stretches they can do throughout the day to reduce the risk of these problems occurring.

For maximum effectiveness our Physiotherapist can implement a specific stretching program relevant to the physical demands of each individual work area. To maximise program compliance StretchWise ‘Workplace Champions’ can be selected and trained from within departments to implement the stretching program.

The benefits of the StretchWise program include: