What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a common condition within the community. Symptoms of persistent joint stiffness, swelling and pain are the typical signs of an arthritic joint. Common sites of arthritis are the hands, feet, hips and knees, with the spine also commonly affected. Arthritis usually affects the group 50 years and over, with a gender preference to the aged female population. The damage to the joint surface caused by the effects of osteoarthritis can often be painful, limit mobility and effect quality of life and is particular worsened by the effects of aging.

What causes Osteoarthritis?

The exact cause of Osteoarthritis has yet to be found, although a link between previous injury or repeated stress on a joint through lifetime activity has been put forward. There appears to be a high prevalence of Osteoarthritis in individuals who have completed jobs with physical labour and within the sporting population. Genetic factors and a family history of osteoarthritis have also been thought to increase the risk of developing the

How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and education of clients with osteoarthritis. Our therapists are trained to provide the best information in lifestyle or task modification and pain control as a means of managing the lifelong disease. In addition treatments to casino pa natet alleviate joint stiffness, strengthen muscles and restore mobility have been shown through research to lead to both symptomatic and lifestyle improvements in this population. Your Physiotherapist will provide a thorough assessment of joint function,
strength and pain. More importantly, the therapist will investigate the impact of the disease on lifestyle and mobility.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

While there is no cure for Osteoarthritis, some relief from symptoms may be achieved. Treatments aimed at improving the overall quality of life and in meeting the
lifestyle goals of clients may include the following:
• Manual therapy including massage and gentle joint mobilisation.
• Postural advice.
• Lifestyle advice and education to prevent or slow disease progression.
• Pain management strategies.
• How to exercise effectively and safely with osteoarthritis.
• Proper and safe use of home and walking aids.
• Hydrotherapy.
• Heat and cold treatments.
• Electrotherapy.

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