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In light of social distancing  measures, it may be appropriate for certain clients to receive care from their own homes.

We are dedicated to providing continuity of care to all of our clients to manage their injuries, relieve pain and improve function.

Integrated Health will be offering Telehealth consultations.

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What is Telehealth?

An online physiotherapy and podiatry service that aims to provide quality care for injuries via telephone or video consultation.

Through telephone/video consultation, your physiotherapist can investigate your injury, perform specific tests/measurements, as well as provide advice and management plans to ensure effective recovery.

Although manual therapy will not be a treatment option via video consultations, your physiotherapist will help you:

  • Work out the source of your pain
  • Discover what activities may be worsening your condition
  • Provide advice to improve the speed or extent of your recovery
  • Provide exercise plans to strengthen muscles, mobilise stiff joints, improve lung/heart health, and maintain physical health
  • Teach pain relieving techniques
  • Determine a plan for further management including specialist referrals and radiological investigations (X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI).

If an in-rooms consult is required, your Physiotherapist will arrange an appointment.

Benefits & Treatments

  • Assessment, diagnosis and management of back pain, neck pain, shoulder/knee/hip/ankle issues, etc.
  • Learn about and understand your condition
  • Get the right exercises for your condition
  • Posture and ergonomic assessments
  • Mechanical changes to improve technique during exercise, work duties, daily activities

Telehealth – Online Consultations is available at:

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